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Expert Knowledge

Day-in, day-out, we’ve been in business, extensively building custom software solutions for over 5 years. We know how software truly works. It’s important, because without the right foundation, no software will deliver the results you’re expecting.

At Graftek, we’re a team of specialist software consultants who solve complex business challenges. Here are some of the ‘functional’ reasons why we’re the right choice for your project:

Any industry, Anywhere.

Pharmaceutical e-sourcing, quoting and scheduling for logistics. 10-billion-data-point computations in science. Social lead referral engines, and workflow systems in financial planning – we’ve done it all.


Leveraging the immense cloud capabilities of Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure, we’ve designed scalable solutions in Australia that can be deployed all over the world.

Modern Web

Our team of developers have deep expertise with the technologies that drive the modern internet, including node.js, php, docker and webpack. So whatever you have designed, other developers will be able to work on it (and your software itself will work with everything else too).

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